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Located approximately 17 miles southwest of Boston, Wellesley is an affluent country-style suburb with six distinct neighborhoods and convenient access to the city. Combining the benefits of suburban life with a fabulous restaurant and shopping scene, Wellesley is the best of both worlds.

Homes for Sale in Wellesley, MA

Wellesley is an upscale suburban town in Norfolk County. Located just 17 miles southwest of Boston, residents can easily access the city’s urban amenities while living in a picturesque, arcadian town. 

Home to academics and professionals

Wellesley is one of the most educated towns in the United States. Home to Wellesley College, Babson College, the campus of Massachusetts Bay Community College, and a top-notch public school system, Wellesley is the perfect place for intellectuals, creatives, and professionals with families.

Eco-friendly lifestyle

Wellesley has its own Climate Action Committee (CAC), which develops and implements initiatives to reduce the town’s overall carbon footprint. One of these award-winning initiatives includes The Wellesley Green Collaborative, a quarterly meeting of various local organizations and concerned groups that discuss various ways to protect and improve Wellesley’s natural environment.

Another testament to the town’s commitment to green, sustainable living is the Massachusetts Horticultural Society’s Garden at the Elms. As a public nature park and historical site, it has one of the last remaining American estates with a Classical French Revival-style carriage house, as well as acres of landscapes, gardens, and greenhouses to explore. 

Unique estates and residential properties

Despite its official classification as a suburban town, Wellesley’s residential neighborhoods exhibit a visibly anti-suburban design philosophy. In line with their mission to promote natural and sustainable lifestyles, many of the properties have been developed or renovated to conform to the natural environment and topography of the area.

Moreover, much of the town’s housing stock consists of estates built in the colonial style, with a substantial selection of Cape Cod and ranch-style homes. New residential developments have also cropped up in recent years, so there’s a supply of condominiums and mixed-use development properties in the area. 

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